The Music House - Terms of use

This website is mainly for my personal use. But since it's out there it might be a good way for local recording artists, recording studios, producers, and engineers to find eachother. I know a few people in the business so if I can offer any help I will. Soon I will be allowing uploads of original music. DO NOT upload any copyrighted music that you do not own.


I dabble in recording a bit, nothing exciting as I'm still in the process of learning. I did a few recordings that came out pretty good (DOWNLOAD PAGE). If you'd like me to record a demo for you to take to a real producer or studio I'd be happy to do it for you. I have a room setup as a recording studio.


Since I don't claim to be a professional recording studio I don't charge anything for the work that I'll do for you, however, it has to be worth my time so my fee is $12.50 per hour with no minimum. If you decide that you'd like me to alter or rearrange the studio (nothing permanent) then we can negotiate the rate from there.